Why Milcom

Why MilCom Business Solutions

  • We see ourselves as experts in mid-tier ERP solutions here to offer education and information in helping you chose the right solution
  • We will selflessly lead you to another solution if we think it meets your needs better
  • We understand how critically important it is to do a proper needs analysis and determine gaps and fit to your needs
  • We make sure our solution fits your needs, if it doesn’t or needs customization we will be upfront and honest
  • We are proficient in Acumatica – Cloud ERP and Dynamics GP software technologies
  • Exceptional experience to partner with you in the selection and implementation process
  • Ethical standards to do business the right way, building trusted relationships

Our Story

Wayne Milazzo and Don Comontofski were working for large consulting firms in the southern California area. We met at a client in 1999 working at a dot.com company implementing Dynamics GP ERP. The client approached me (Don Comntofski) and said we love working with you, but we don’t like working with your company executives you should go into business yourself and partner with Wayne Milazzo. I think you would be a great team. As time went on we thought about it more and more and realized we had the same philosophy of business which was different from the companies we were working for. We both put a high value on treating our clients business as the way we would want to be treated. We understood that implementing ERP systems can be a complex process and that businesses deserved a company that they could trust to be looking out for their best interest. We had seen companies being taken advantage of by consulting firms and were committed to being a different kind of consulting company.

Choosing the right ERP software can be a difficult task, the right firm is a critical component in the success of implementing your ERP system. This is not a task that is performed very often by companies. It may have been several years the last time anyone in your company went through this process. Systems are constantly changing and to research and understand all the issues that go into fitting software to your companies needs can be challenging.  It is hard to really understand through a demonstration and a couple meetings with a vendor if the software meets the needs and requirements of your company. We make sure your requirements and budget line up with what our proposed solutions can provide. We are honest and upfront if it can’t and will tell you if we don’t think the products that we represent will be a good solution.

Needs Analysis – It is critical that a proper needs analysis is performed. This is often where companies have failed in the past. They try to tackle this alone and sometimes don’t know the right questions to ask or the parameters to include in defining their analysis. Because companies are looking at things from the perspective of how they have always done things they look from a limited perspective.  If you don’t understand the possibilities for a technology it’s hard to define what you would want it to do. We have found that because Sales people are typically take the lead in the sales process they don’t understand how to properly analyze a business and determine if Dynamics GP is the best fit.

Software Proficient – It is also critical to work with a firm that is proficient with the software, understands the strengths and weaknesses, so they can do a gap analysis with the requirements to make sure there is a proper fit. In improving business productivity and implementing software it is important to be proficient with the technology to maximize the benefits of the system to the specific business. To understand the software well enough to know that their might be three different ways of achieving the requirements, and to determine which one is best for your company is an important skill in improving business processes for your company.

Ethical Standards – Finally, we believe one of the most important and undervalued components in the software selection process are the ethical principles that we will do business the right way, and treat your firm as it was our own. We will be clear if the software does not meet your needs. We will walk away from it if it isn’t a good fit, and have done it before. How many times have you heard, “yes we can do that”, to later find out that meant with a customization. We do not like to do a customization unless absolutely necessary and it is clearly understood the development costs and if there are on-going maintenance costs. If there is too much customization needed that probably means there is a better product out there for you. If there are custom reports that are needed for your line of business to make the solution fit better for you we will be clear on that in the proposal process.

Lastly, and very important, too many firms can get dazzled by a demo and go forward to make a decision to implement a system and forget to go back to the requirements document and make sure there is a fit. Because we have seen that companies get worn out by the process of selecting a system we will look out for your interest and make sure it’s a fit and that you have evaluated everything in making your decision.


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Daniel C. DeLeon – Vice President, Finance & CFO –The California Endowment

I am extremely pleased with the work Milcom performed for us in our Dynamics implementation at The California Endowment.  I selected them after speaking with many satisfied CFOs and Directors of IT that they had worked with.  They have a track record of completing seamless system conversions, or cleaning up conversion mistakes made by others.  The two partners, Don Comontofski and Wayne Milazzo, each brought tremendous technical and financial experience, and because of their hands on approach, they got to know us well.  They identified problems, prevented surprises, and ultimately led us through a successful implementation at the Endowment.  I would recommend Milcom to anyone looking to implement or upgrade their current accounting system.  If given the chance in the future, I’d hire them again in a heartbeat.

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