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Our company is so appreciative and grateful for the Milcom Business Solutions Team. They have been instrumental in transforming our business.

Before Acumatica our ERP system was very labor intensive and inefficient. With over a dozen companies and growing, it was becoming difficult to meet our accounting deadlines, on a monthly basis. With that many companies an efficient ERP system was essential, which is why we decided to meet with Milcom Business Solutions.

We were very optimistic that the Acumatica platform could meet our financial needs after sitting down Wayne Milazzo and Don Comontofski. They both demonstrated extensive knowledge in both financial reporting structure and requirements as well as a very technical understanding of designing and implementing an ERP system. They were able to translate our very unique business model into a customized application that drastically sped up our closing process. For example, with Acumatica we can now invoice every company in the time it took to invoice one in our old system. The report functionality is fantastic as well.

We can customize our reports to capture more detailed and specific data points. Even after the completion of the implementation, Don and Wayne have been so responsive. Growing pains of learning a new system can be stressful but it has been very assuring to have them onsite or available to trouble shoot, tweak, and even add functionality.

Milcom Business Solutions has been instrumental in transforming our Business
Mike GarciaAccounting Manager - COI Pharmaceutials, Inc.

I am extremely pleased with the work Milcom performed for us in our Dynamics implementation at The California Endowment. I selected them after speaking with many satisfied CFOs and Directors of IT that they had worked with. They have a track record of completing seamless system conversions, or cleaning up conversion mistakes made by others.

The two partners, Don Comontofski and Wayne Milazzo, each brought tremendous technical and financial experience, and because of their hands on approach, they got to know us well. They identified problems, prevented surprises, and ultimately led us through a successful implementation at the Endowment. I would recommend Milcom to anyone looking to implement or upgrade their current accounting system. If given the chance in the future, I’d hire them again in a heartbeat.

Highly Recommend Milcom
Dan DeleonVice President, Finance & CFO - The California Endowment

Milcom Business Solutions is the best ERP consulting team we have ever worked with. They truly are always looking for our best interest as a business. Their management reports and processes that they have implemented for us save us quantifiable hours every month. They have been able to create reports that get us the data in seconds that took 20-30 hours to compile before.

I highly recommend Milcom Business Solutions to any company looking to implement or update their Financial Management System.
Pamela GilsonController - Roadrunner Drywall

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