How to Use Business Events in Acumatica to Automate Processes

by Doug Johnson – Acumatica

Business Events provide the ability to react to data changes by creating email notifications and updating business data. This means that you can automate complex business processes without programming. And because Acumatica is all about continuous innovation and improvement, we will be adding additional notification and data update options, such as SMS messaging and activity creation.

Business automation scenarios

The system allows you to automate many diverse business scenarios, such as:

  • Warning customers of upcoming invoice due dates
  • Notifying customers when their orders are ready for delivery or pickup
  • Updating (closing or re-assigning) sales opportunities X days past their expected close
  • Notifying support personnel when case SLAs are not being met
  • Reminding customers to order if they have quarterly budget remaining
  • Notifying warehouse personnel to be on the lookout of incoming shipments

The flexibility of Business Events can be used to support several other scenarios.

In this post, we implement a solution to help manage support cases. In this example, our organization allows customers to create support cases using the convenience of an online portal.

Our customers often create support cases without providing enough information for support personnel to resolve the issue; keeping cases on track is an important part of providing excellent customer service. In this example, we automate several tasks so support personnel can focus on helping customers instead of spending time following up on information requests. To do this, we will:

  • Notify the case creator/customer when additional information is required to continue working on the case
  • Send an automated reminder to the customer if five days have passed without receiving any information
  • Automatically notify the customer and close the case after 10 days have passed without receiving required information.

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