Don’t Stall Business Growth by Waiting to Make Crucial Changes

by Jon Roskill

Don’t Stall Business Growth by Waiting to Make Crucial Changes

You’re a small or medium-size business (SMB) operating from a single site with distribution and all administrative functions. You implemented an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system recently to manage your supply chain, customer service, and basic accounting processes. While that ERP system has helped automate your critical processes and provided important information, you know how time consuming and disruptive it was to implement. Your ERP system is doing fine, but what about a year from now? What about in two years or five?

You hope your business grows; in fact, you’re planning for it. You may plan to sell directly to customers rather than, or in addition to, through distribution channels. Or you may enter new markets overseas. You might even plan to bring manufacturing in-house to reduce cost and better manage your supply chain.

Each of these potential actions will change your current business processes and increase your transaction volumes. Your ERP system will need to change with such modification of business processes or organization structure.

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